Andrea Babcock

My journey into Real Estate began in 2015 when I was hired on as a member of the support team for a group of real estate investors. Support tasks ranged from simply placing signs on properties to photographing homes ready for the market. I have literally seen the worst of homes transformed into the best of homes. I know what “potential” means! This kind of insight along with the general excitement surrounding the real estate market has driven me to desire and obtain my real estate sales person license and pursue a career in this exciting field.

I have been fortunate to work alongside and be tutored by real estate professionals with lengthy, successful careers. As such, I have been able to establish relationships with key vendors in the industry including closing attorneys, home inspectors and other key contacts required for the success of all types of real estate transactions.

Whether you are selling or buying, I am committed to making the experience as exciting and stress free as possible. Let’s work together and experience the satisfaction owning real estate can bring.

Lets talk about what you are in the market for! [email protected]

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