Well, it’s official! Fall is upon us and now we get to sit back and watch as nature puts on its spectacular color show. How invigorating to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall – from the final blaze of copper clouds during sunset to the deep browns and purples of the mountains around us, as they slowly disappear into the blackness of night!

Experts say that color can influence our mood and our thoughts. For instance, green is associated with tranquility, red with energy, purple with sophistication and so forth.

When decorating a home, color is usually based upon personal preference and the results can be anywhere from whimsical to utterly ridiculous or from boring to simply over-the top!

Being in real estate as long as we have been, we’ve seen the variety of fads of color and décor come and go. One thing seems to remain constant over the years, and that is when it comes to purchasing a home, a neutral palette is what most buyers are looking for. Why? A neutral palette, by its nature, encourages a potential buyer to think of how they can add their own personal touch to a space rather than the work involved in removing someone else’s bold, wild or colorful preference.

So, if you are planning a paint project soon – especially on the property you are selling – think neutral! It may be one of the least expensive improvements you can do that may make the most impact to a potential buyer.

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