Ahhh the refreshing smells of spring! Isn’t it wonderful to see the transformation of this beautiful valley during spring? The mountains seem to come alive, our parkways turn vibrant green, the sky showcases its bluest hues in the crisp morning air and the birds sing their little hearts out as though they were competing in “American Idol” or “The Voice”. 

 As welcoming as spring is – albeit to those who suffer with allergies – with spring comes the seemingly unending tasks of yard work. After all April showers bring May flowers! And for folks in the process of selling their homes, taking care of these responsibilities can make a huge difference in curb appeal and have a direct impact on how potential buyers view those homes. 

So, as much as we enjoy the sunshine and welcome the rain, the combination of both can turn even the most pristine lawn into an overnight jungle. It takes diligence and hard work to keep our yards looking neat, trim and appealing. But by doing so we not only reflect our own, personal pride in home ownership, but for those hoping to sell, you’ll give your home the curb appeal that so often is the “welcome” sign to potential buyers. So go grab that rake, hedge trimmer and lawn mower and start working because spring has finally sprung! 

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