It is that time of year when we wake up in the dark and come home from a long day at work in the dark. Did you know that the lack of natural light is known to cause changes in mood for some people? As a result, there are companies that have developed “daylight” lamps in order to minimize these negative effects.

So how does this relate to real estate? Just as natural light can affect a person’s mood, so lighting – or the lack thereof – can affect the “mood” of your property. If your house is currently on the market, do you have enough lighting, both inside and out, to convey a warm, welcoming emotion? Do you have enough outside lighting so as to ensure the safety of the potential buyer? Then once inside, are all light fixtures equipped with working light bulbs so that agents and buyers are not in the dark as to what a particular room looks like?

Lighting may seem like a small thing when it comes to selling a property, but during this time of year it could make the difference as to whether a potential buyer steps out from the comfort of their car to see your property or not. So go ahead and shed some light on your property – it will be your silent way of saying “Welcome home”!








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